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Frequently visited and admired by tourists Paezeriai Manor is named after various epithets such as the pearl of Suvalkija. Some people tend to see here the reflection of Ancient Greece, others might refer to 18th century - the time of The Grand Dutchy of Lithuania.

Classicist style Paežeriai Manor was built near the vivid lake shore by GDK (The Grand Dutchy of Lithuania) nobleman Simanas Zabiela in 1795-1799. The manor was projected by famous architect from Vilnius – Martynas Knakdusas. The elements of Classicism such as magnificent pediment and columns, which hold portico with coat of arms and lateral rizalits decorated with stucco reliefs “Music” and “Art” of the Manor clearly reflect residential, representative purpose of the Manor. Graceful decorations in the inside and outside of the Manor reflect the purpose of the Manor: to spread the fine arts: poetry, dancing, music and art.

The rooms which consists bedrooms designed by columns and guest reception hall which are on the second floor on the right side of the Manor lead to forget all worries and abandon to music and dancing charms!

The images of dancing ladies who dipped into ecstasy, versatile parquet and musicians‘ balcony would spell its glamour and pageantry on you! The impression is also strengthened by the view of balcony which is held by graceful column and lead to a beautiful landscape of lake and the park.

The decoration of first half of  19th cent. belong to landowner of  the Manor – Zigmantas Gavronkis ir and his wife Natalija Oginskytė – Gavronskienė. The Manor was designed by Dutch painters and Louis  XVI style furniture.

Furthermore, it has been  brought paintings and furnitures from Lithuanian Art Museum after restauration in 2016 which also may refer to old times.

Before WWII Paežeriai Manor belong to Signatory of Declaration of February 16, Jonas Vailokaitis. During war period this residence belong to German commissioner–general in Lithuania - Adrianas fon Reinteln.

The Art Gallery of Suvalkia district was established in 1995 after independence re-establishment of the State of Lithuania. The Museum of Vilkaviškis district was set up in 1997.

The expositions of distric museum were brought after restauration of the officine, watchtower and ice-cellar of the Manor. Regional cultural Centre of Suvalkija (Sūduva) district was established in the Manor in 2004. Both institutions were joined in 2016 summer.

Paežeriai Manor is well-known for its classical music evenings, educational programs, crafts festival, Paežeriai Manor festival, ancient music festival “Viva la musica” and etc.

The environment of the Manor is enlivened by walking paths in the park or an old oak, which is carefully overseen by specialists of the Manor.

All visitors of Paežeriai Manor may find constantly changed and renewed exhibitions which will remind you the surroundings of 18th century. In addition, you might see exhibitions from other buildings of Manor which refer to great old times of Vilkaviškis district.


By A. Žilinskas